COVID-19 IMPACT

Dear customers,
We have had a few of you ask us about our latest situation and shipping problem, so we would like to share a brief update with you regarding our situation.
As we all know, the Coronavirus is still maintaining a massive impact globally. Luckily, as a Taiwan based company, so far in Taiwan there have been minimal cases in our area. So, most of our service has still remained as usual.
However, under the effect of the Coronavirus and in the post-pandemic, some of our products started to have a shortage and hardened to order it from our supplier. Please feel free to ask us the stock info before purchase order.
But according to our post office announcement, the shipping service of the following countries was affected by Coronavirus. We are sorry that we cannot ship any Airsoft package to following location. We are still welcoming every customer who come from these countries to order and purchase our items. If you want to purchase our upgraded item, it can save your items handling time. But please be aware that your items will be shipped after your local post office resume service and we cannot refund any upgraded items according to our policy. Please consider these situations before you purchase.


We CAN ship to these country by EMS
1, European countries: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Rep., Poland, Denmark, Norway, Italy
2, Oceania countries: Australia
3, Asian countries: Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines
4, Americas countries: Canada, the US(excluded Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Territories)


*Spain is halted by both EMS and FedEx, due to the COVID-19 and customs issue. If you are located in Spain, we will still accept, upgrade your order first and ship to you after the EMS resume. If you have any question about shipping, please feel free to contact us.  

*Due to the lockdown, EMS and FedEx to Britain has been halted again after Christmas. 
About the package which has already been shipped, we would recommend contacting your local post office for more delivery information as we cannot recall it. If you order our items in this moment, we will fulfill your order first and ship the item to you after the EMS service resume. We will send you a confirmation email with a tracking code. But it will not be activated and delivered by our post office until the EMS resume. The packages are usually in our warehouse or in our post office warehouse. If you need to change to FedEx, we will change it immediately and send it within two working days. *
Regarding to other countries, our post informed us that may have some delay in the delivery, especially on the package to the US, the UK and France.
Actually, we know most of the airport and post office still maintain normal service as usual. But the EMS international delivery service has been stopped because of the flight cuts, especially from Asia to Europe. We have already double-checked our post announcement everyday. So, we are sorry that we cannot send the package until our post resume service. Of course, we are welcoming new order. We will reserve the item for you and ship it to you as soon as possible after the post office resume service. We have also contacted FedEx for delivery. We can ship our items to you by their Priority Express service, but with extra shipping cost. If you want us to ship it to you as soon as possible, please select the FedEx Priority option during checkout.
We are monitoring the situation daily and we will update our situation on our Facebook, Instagram and our website as soon as possible.
Best Regards and Take Care
SWIT Airsoft
*11/12/2020 Update