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Airsoft Guns EMS Shipping Limitation of USA

To our US players, if you are living on the west coast, even in Texas. As long as your ZIP starts with.

- 7.

- 850 to 893

- 900 to 935

All Guns will be rejected by the EMS LA port, no matter how SB199 it fits. Please select FedEx as the shipping method. Otherwise we may not able to ship the item to you.

If you are living in the Midwest, as long as your ZIP starts with.

-400 to 699

All Guns will need to wait for a month or more for customs clearance by the Chicago Customs, no matter how SB199 it fits and even we put the orange tip on it. And we may need to paint the nozzle in red for customs clearance. Please feel free to contact us through email( if you got any question.

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