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FAQ about cancelling order, shipping, customs and how to use the airsoft

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Thank you for watching this post. We have received some FAQ about the shipping and customs. Here are some of the examples that may help you and us to solve the problem. Ctrl+F is a good shortcut key for you to find the answer here.


1. Where is my order? When will you ship it? Why I need to wait so long?

We may need 1 to 3 weeks to handle the item. Sometimes upgraded and customs made* items may extend the handling time for testing or waiting for new parts. The stock status of those parts is easy to be affected by the production and stock status of our suppliers and workshops. Larger orders may require extra handling time.

Also, Airsoft gun is a toy with a high rate of malfunctioning. It may have some loss and malfunction parts during testing, forcing us to extend the handling time. But we are still preparing your order. If you haven't heard any news within three weeks, that means we are still handling your order, we will ship it to you as soon as possible. But if you haven't received any news from us around 4 weeks, please feel free to contact us, maybe we forget to update the status.

Handling time for different brands:

1-2 weeks (1-14 days)

WE, G&G, the brands not mentioned below

2-4 weeks

VFC, TNT, Viva, WG, upgraded and customs made* items

Here is our process:

1-12 days

Handling or waiting for the new stock from our supplier warehouse or our own warehouse, then upgrade it according to the order

2 days

Packing and testing. We will double check and test the item before shipping it. We will also take a testing video on every order and items. If you want us to send you a copy, please contact us for it.

Please be aware that all our upgraded item is shipped with original box.

*Please also be aware that the velocity on the record sheet on the package is only for customs purpose and may have different with the item.


2. You said the order has been shipped, but I haven't received yet. What should I do?

Normally, our package will be delivered within 1 to 4 weeks by EMS shipping and within two weeks by FedEx. If you have not received them item within this period, please contact us. We will contact our post for the problem. We suggest you contact your post or customs, they will have a faster response. If you still don't receive any package within two weeks. Please contact us no later than two months after the package was shipped. Otherwise, we may not able to track the package anymore.


3. What if I moved/nobody to receive the package/my family member or my wife refuse the package and the item return to you? Can you rearrange redelivery? What will happen?

Sometimes we understand it happens sometimes, but we are sorry that after the item is shipped, we are not able to rearrange redelivery or changing address. We can help you to contact our post and ask them to change the information through the postal system. However, it takes 4-8 weeks. Usually, the package has already on the way back to us at that time. Please double check your address during purchasing. If you need to change the address, please contact us as soon as possible. If the item has not been shipped, we can still change the address or recall it. After that, we are sorry we cannot help. We may need to wait until the item was sent to your country and return to our office. We suggest you contact your post office to see can you intercept the package. Although they will usually refuse it, there are still a few case success according to our experience.

When the item was sent back to us, the return shipping time of the package will be much longer. It usually takes one to two months depends on the handling time of your post office. We will contact you as soon as the item return to us.

Additionally, please be aware that our customs will charge us the returning customs fee. So there will be a handling cost on all return packages. Thus, please make sure your address is correct and keep an eye on the tracking, especially for the UK and US customers who select Airmail and EMS. Sometimes, RM and USPS will not deliver the item or inform you properly. We are not able to do much for you, but only to contact our post for the latest update.


4. Why the shipping cost is so expensive? Can you ship by DHL or UPS? Why the shipping cost is higher than Hong Kong?

We use EMS and FedEx as our couriers. EMS is Express mail Service, provided by the country's own postal administration. For example, we will ship by Chunghwa post from Taiwan. If you are from the US, USPS will deliver the package to you. If you are from the UK, the Royal Mail will deliver the package to you. EMS is the safest and the fastest mail service we can provide. We cannot provide Standard Airmail and Surface Mail. These two options are not covered by the insurance, hard to track and the package is easy to lose. Please notice that our package is international package. The shipping cost is not the same as a domestic package in your own country.

We also provide the FedEx International Priority Express service. The shipping cost is higher, but safer and faster. Taiwan DHL and UPS have refused our Airsoft package. We are not able to ship the item by their express service.

Please be aware that we are a Taiwan based company, not China and not a Hong Kong based company, their situations are not the same as ours. China government provides financial subsidy to make the EMS cost lower, and Hong Kong has a large international transportation center. It makes China and Hong Kong can ship the item with lower price and with different couriers. But it is not our option.


5. Why nobody reply my message?

Recently we have received more than 70 emails and inbox per days. We only have one customer service to reply the message. We will reply you as soon as possible, but there are still some missing. If we have not replied within one to two weeks, please contact us again, sometimes our email system may miss your email.

On the other hands, please check your email box, if your email box is full, you may not able to receive our reply and latest update.


6. Will I have Customs problem? What should I do?

Here are some of the restrictions of different countries and how we handle

"South Korea": requests Orange Tip/ Red Nozzle / Muzzle Velocity below 0.2J,

Most of the airsoft gun cannot reduce the power to that low. We usually paint the nozzle in red, disassemble and ship the item in two packages to prevent customs issues with extra cost. Please be aware that disassembled item is not protected by our policy.

"Japan": Power below 1J,

Most of the airsoft gun cannot reduce the power to that low. We usually disassemble and ship the item in two packages to prevent customs issues with extra cost. Please be aware that disassembled item is not protected by our policy.

"United States": requests Orange Tip/ Red Nozzle(we will paint the nozzle in red) / Trademarks covered / SB199 Law. (More details are in other FAQ posts)

"Canada": requests the Muzzle Velocity over 366/FPS & below 500/FPS,

That means No pistol, exclude CO2 pistol

"United Kingdom": requests UKARA permit or two tone.

"the Netherlands": requests NABV.

"Australia", "India": illegal

"Spain", "Italy": FedEx refuses all airsoft guns and parts, please select EMS. (EMS has been halted

Because different countries have their different policy on Airsoft, we are not able to check all restrictions and policies in every order. Please consider your country current policy before purchasing it. We will follow the restriction as much as we can, like we will paint the nozzle in red to fit the US CBP regulations if you are from the US. If you live in the country which airsoft is restricted, we can still ship to you. We can disassemble the guns and ship it separately. But, we do not take responsibility for any customs problems, including seizing and damaging during testing in customs. Please be aware that your customs have the power to seize and hold the package. We can do nothing to help. Please consider this situation before purchasing.

Please be aware that disassembled item is not protected by our return and refund policy.

If the package was seized please contact us, we may able to claim the insurance for you. so, please let us know.