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Red Nozzle/Orange Tip and US customs issue

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Hello our dear customer,

Thank you for watching our website. Since last year, after we have received the orders from the US, we put the orange tip or paint the nozzle in red on every Airsoft gun we shipped to the US. According to SB199, we need to add the orange tip. Otherwise, your customs may seize the package.

However, we have received reports on April that some of our packages were seized by the customs. Although we have already put the orange tip or change to the orange nozzle on the package, they still consider it as "No Orange Tip". After April, we change the SOP to ship to the US. We will paint the nozzle in Red to avoid the customs problem. It can be removed by model use thinner, like Tamiya X20. IT will not damage the coating or painting on the nozzle. We also have some orange nozzle that can change, but we will screw it and be glued with super glue. We still provide the orange tape for the packing service, please contact us if you want to use the orange tape rather than using the red painting and orange nozzle.

If we can change it to plastic orange nozzle, like WE MP5, we will change it to orange nozzle. We will screw it and stick it with superglue as SB199 requires a non removable nozzle.

Please be aware that your customs may still have the power to start a random inspection. Sometimes, the inspection may take more than a month, but almost all of our packages can pass through the customs at around one to two days.

The Related shipping policy is in here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem.

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