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AW DL-44 GBB Star Wars Airsoft Pistol
  • AW DL-44 GBB Star Wars Airsoft Pistol

    Features of AW DL-44 GBB Star Wars

    • Limited edition custom build by AW Custom
    • Famous Replica for pistol used by Han Solo from Star Wars
    • CNC finished aluminum alloy construction
    • Imitation wood pistol grips
    • Imitation wood pistol grips
    • Custom aesthetic modifications
    • 1X Mauser type scope with Mauser scope mount
    • German MG42 style amplifier with bolt on barrel sleeve
    • Upgraded blowback system helps you get the first shot off

    FPS Range: 300-330

    Color: Black / Wood

    At a time when many wars were still being fought over hokey religions with ancient weapons, like spears, muskets and cannons, the Mauser Broom Handle ushered in the future of combat arms. Stripper clip or magazine fed and semi-automatic, the Mauser broom handle was like something out of a science fiction movie, when compared to other pistols of the time. The AW Custom Mauser Broom Handle custom is a unique take on the regular Mauser Broom Handle. The Armorer Works Mauser Custom has no forward sight, instead it features a side mounted scope mount and a non magnifying optic, designed to give you easy weapon indexing to draw a bead on your target whether it be in a scorched desert or a dense forest. Also setting it apart from the standard Mauser broom handle is the bolt on MG42 type amplifier style barrel sleeve, designed to give the Mauser the appearance of having a bull barrel and sound amplifier. If you are looking for a good pistol to keep by your side, there's no need to scour the universe, the AW Custom Mauser Custom Broom Handle is the pistol you are looking for. This limited edition piece will go fast so get yours before they're gone! The Mauser is a popular pistol in history as seen in many movies such as Star Wars by Han Solo!

    Dimensions: 300mm x 150mm
    Magazine: 11+1 rounds. Compatible with WE-Tech WE712 long or short Airsoft magazines
    Gas Type: Green Gas, Red Gas, Propane
    Firing Mode: Semi Automatic, Fully Automatic Safety
    System: Gas Blowback
    Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
    Package Includes: Gun, Mauser Scope Mount, Mauser 1X Scope, MG42 Type Barrel Sleeve / Sound Amplifier, Magazine, and Manual

    Manufacturer: AW Custom

    $280.00 Regular Price
    $257.60Sale Price

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