LT Chiappa Licensed Rhino Revolver 50DS Airsoft Revolver | SWIT AIRSOFT


  • Officially licensed airsoft revolver by Chiappa Firearms
  • Unique serial number for each model
  • Exact replica of Rhino 50DS Revolver with authentic trademarks
  • Rugged full metal body matches the weight of actual Chiappa Rhino Revolver
  • Unlike other revolvers, the Chiappa Rhino's barrel aligns with the cylinder
  • Front & rear iron sights
  • Low-profile hammer is actually a cocking device (internal hammer inside)
  • Cocking device also has indicator to show if pistol is cocked or not
  • Can be fired in both double or single action
  • Built-in accessory Picatinny rail for mounting flashlights or lasers
  • Textured grip panels ensures a non-slip grip
  • Uses standard 12g CO2 cartridges inside the grip
  • Comes with 6X shells
  • Compatible with WinGun CO2 revolver shells
  • Works with real Chiappa Firearms shell moonclip
  • Pistol Grip has a built in hex key used to loosen and tighten CO2 catridge

LT Chiappa Licensed Rhino Revolver 50DS Airsoft Revolver

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