LT Gen-2 ALPHA Series AEG Airsoft
  • LT Gen-2 ALPHA Series AEG Airsoft

    Full metal, mosfet, ETU, skeleton body lightened for speed

    The most important evolution of the new generation 2 Proline is undoubtedly the original addition of an electronic ETU trigger and a protection mosfet. This relaxation allows increased reactivity, a sensitivity of the relaxation stroke finer, battery voltage protection lo, gearbox rings collar, a pre-compression of the spring for a shooting start much faster, etc ... a small revolution, always affordable.



    • Lancer Tactcial engraved metal gearbox hulls
    • Gears steel ratio 18: 1
    • Delayer
    • Bearings 8mm
    • 14-tooth steel piston
    • Red anodized cylinder for improved surface finish
    • Hi-speed motor with magnets Neodyn 25000tr / min
    • QD spring guide in steel on bearings
    • Spring M120
    • Quick spring change (QD)
    • Low resistance shielded wiring
    • Metal relaxation type hi-speed
    • "Fast trigger" electronic trigger block with increased responsiveness and superior rate of fire
    • 16AWG shielded wiring (rear)
    • Protective mosfet in the butt tube (battery protection)

    Internal parts:

    • 6,03mm Precision Barrel in Polished Brass
    • Hop-up block with center wheel (Gen 2)
    • Hop-up seal 50 °

    External parts:

    • Skeleton aluminum body (lightened for soft speed)
    • External metal barrel
    • Nylon fiber foldable pattern
    • Ergonomic metal bridge
    • Aluminum M-LOK handguard
    • Steel single point strap fastener
    • Alpha fiber nylon stock with additional loader slot
    • Metal butt tube
    • False steel head
    • Steel cocking lever with hi-speed handle
    • Steel loader retainer
    • Bolt wrestling (fictional) metal
    • Mid-cap metal charger 120 shots
    • Semi and full auto
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