PPS Bazooka M9A1 Airosft Grenade Launcher | SWIT AIRSOFT


  • One of a kind replica; great for collectors, re-enactors, or anyone looking for an interesting alternative for an anti-armor roll at milsim events
  • Heavy weight, full metal construction
  • Utilizes standard 40mm M203 gas shells
  • Flip up sight
  • Incredibly realistic replica

Dimensions: 61 inches long
Magazine: 1 shot (40mm shell); compatible with standard size 40mm Airsoft grenades
Gas Type: Green Gas, Propane, Co2
System: Gas Launcher
Package Includes: Launcher

Manufacturer: PPS ( Professional Precise Serious )

*CAUTION: Do not insert hard or dangerous objects into the launcher. Launching heavy,hard and dangerous projectiles at people from close range can cause serious injury.Use common sense when enjoying this product. It was designed to be enjoyed withharmless soft projectiles only

PPS Bazooka M9A1 Airosft Grenade Launcher

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