Viper-Tech M16A1 Carbine M653 Airsoft GBB Rifle

Viper-Tech M16A1 Carbine M653 Airsoft GBB Rifle

Features of the Viper Colt Model 653 M16A1 Carbine

  • The airsoft version, just like the original one, has maintained the bayonet lug to mount an M16 bayonet.
  • Also mentioned is that marking is "M16A1" rather than "XM-177". Whilst the XM-177 is part of the CAR-15 family, it was not designated by Colt as part of the M16A1 Carbines and more known also as the CAR-15 Commando.
  • This is based on the Vipertec 2012 version that comes with the square bolt stop base. This is forged Aluminium CNC'D receiver and charging handle, CNC'd buffer tube with all inner parts being made of steel. Other steel parts are the CNC'd outer barrel, Delta Ring, Front Sight,  and Flash Hide.
  • Comes with long EB gas magazine.
  • 100% made in Taiwan."

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