Viva Arms MG34 HPA Airsoft Machine Gun

Viva Arms MG34 HPA Airsoft Machine Gun


HPA tank is not included.



Product Code: MG34
Weight:  7350.0 g
Length:  1240.0 mm
Capacity:  1500 rds
Power:  360 fps
Shooting Mode:  Full Auto
Motor:  Custom

The MG34 was considered to be the world's first general-purpose machine gun and was the finest machine gun in the world of its time while under the deployment of the German Army. It was first tested by German troops aiding Franco's Nationalist in the Spanish Civil War. The MG34 has an effective range of over 2000 meters (>4400 feet) and had the ability to sustain a rate of fire up to 800-900 rounds per minute. It was light enough to be carried by a single soldier giving it a substantial advantage over other machine guns.