To our dear customers,


      Hope you are doing well during this serious Coronavirus. It is an announcement to inform you that we are taking some days off from our regular schedule and will not be working for 5 days from 2nd April to 6th April due to the Combined Holidays of Tomb Sweeping Day. The first off-day will include 2nd April and we will be back to work on and included 6th April. Our post office will be also on vacation. So, we will deliver your order after the post office resumes its service. Regarding the Coronavirus caused on the halt of shipping service, further information is in here (https://www.switairsoft.com/covid-19).

We sincerely make an apology for the inconvenience it will cause.

May we meet again in the best of health and thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

SWIT Airsoft