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Anubis-custom MP5A5 Taclight GBB | SWIT Review

Today we are going to introduce one of the greatest submachine gun of all time– Heckler&Koch MP5, but not a reguler MP5 it's “MP5A5 SF taclight GBB” version from Anubis-custom. It's based on WE MP5 Series and Anubis have combine it with taclight handguard and upgrade the inner barrel to VT INOX series.

MP5 Having been adopted by 40 nations and numerous military, law enforcement, intelligence, and security organizations. First introduced as “HK54”, later modified to numerous types, as a few close bolt smg of that era, MP5 shortly became a top choice for special forces and elite police such as SWAT, GSG9.

First of all we would like to show you the direct comparison with the original MP5A3, starting with the fire selector.

This mp5a5 version features “3 rounds burst” mode and unlike the early model, which is written in “S-E-F”. This version is illustrated as a bullet icon. And typical pistol grip of MP5A5, the early model of MP5A3 however, has a thumb groove on the grip.

The rear sight has 4 holes on it, representing different combat distances, the smaller hole sight provides a more accurate shot. And the receiver is made up of stamping steel, heavier than zinc alloy that brings you a more realistic gun weight and handling experience.

There are two options to release the mag.Either simply pull the lever or press the mag release button, but that requires a longer finger lol. “Kal” on the mag well represents “caliber” in German.

Here comes the most unique part: taclight handguard. This type of the handguard is a 80s style version, no modern rail on it, just merely a slot for tactical flashlight deployment, surely gives you a cold war vibe!

To install the flashlight, just simply screw in the slot and you are good to go. On the other side of the hand guard, this rectangle area is for operating the flashlight. press the area close to the muzzle to simply turn on, press the area close to the mag well to activate the strobe mode.

Shooting test:

Temperature: 82 F

Gas: 12kg

Bullet: 0.25g 6mm BB

Muzzle Velocity: 340~350 FPS