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Korea Two-Package Shipping Service

Updated: Aug 11, 2022


This is an article only for our Korean customers. Due to the increasing number of ordering from Korea and the different requests from different Korean customers, we decide to change the policy for a better service and a faster handling time.

  1. Every Korea airsoft gun order will be sent in two packages in default, and we will charge you 70%-100% of original shipping cost for 2-package shipping. Unless the customer requests us not to proceed 2 package shipping, but you will need to provide a document to show whom can import the item in one piece.

  2. We can reduce the joule below 0.2J on AEG/Springer guns. But we are not able to reduce GBB and CO2 items to that low. Please consider the risk to import GBB before ordering them. This service will be charged with extra 20 USD per order. Link here Please add to 20 quantities during purchasing.

  3. Handling time will remain the same as 2-3 weeks, excluded the special customized (will be stated in the item page) and preorder items. Sending us an email everyday won't help. We handle the order accordingly.

  4. To avoid the risk, there will be automatedly 1-2 weeks delay on 2nd packages delivery. You can also inform us once you receive 1st packages.

  5. Both 2 package will announced under $150USD and announced as Toy parts to avoid the risk.

  6. Please make sure you are capable to assemble the airsoft gun you ordered, and there is always risk it will not be working completely if you didn't reassemble it correctly. Therefore we will always test the airsoft gun first before ship out but we will not be reponsible for any functional issues.

  7. We can provide some info first If you do not have confidence to reassemble.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concern or recommendation. This policy will only apply on the new order. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards



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