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Anubis-custom RO991 Colt SMG style GBB | SWIT Review

Updated: Jun 30

In these days, less and less manufactures are willing to build classic firearms products. Which lead to our character today—The RO991 Colt SMG style GBB, build by Anubis-custom.

First of all, we will like to talk about its history, under the golden age of worldwide SWAT team enhancement, Colt decided to join the market that occupied by H&K for many years--The famous roller-delay system MP5.

At late 80’s, the AR platform became more popular and mature. Considering the ergonomic of the platform to the existing user and training program, Colt chooses to modify the AR system rather build a fire-new product to enter the market.

The Colt SMG family was based on the original AR operating system, but quite different to the rifle series. Instead of using the expand gas to impingement bolt carrier cycling, the SMG system requires a heavy bolt, provide the direct blow back enough locking time to finish a cycle.

For a very long period, we’ve losing a quite bit of these product on airsoft market. Finally, Anubis-Custom provides a brand new, and the world first gas blow back operated airsoft replica of Colt SMG. This brings you a vivid operating feeling.

The system was based on WE AR platform. Though they have already knew the failure after some use. Anubis has modified the internal part to elongated it's life cycle by exchanging the wide type sear. It gives more accurate gripped while the hammer cocked back. Compare to the old version, the gripping surface has been increased.

After they consummate the internal mechanism, the exterior also cannot be ignored. The product provides the correct late type upper, without the forward assist. The brass deflector also been removed, exchange with a gas deflector and shorter dust cover.

To the real steel, the cycling system was operated by direct blow back. Although the gas tube on the airsoft replica is dummy one, they removed the gas tube but keep the forend settings to simulate original.

Also, here we can see, there’s quite bit difference between gas impingement bolt and direct blow back bolt. The cut for the forward assist has been removed.

Here also they have make the correction of the magazine. Flat butt plug has been installed. Though it’s different to the WE original SMG magazine, it can be exchange easily.

Anubis-custom RO991 Colt SMG style GBB Shooting test

  • Temperature: 82 F

  • Gas: 12kg

  • Bullet: 0.25g 6mm BB

  • Muzzle Velocity: 340~350 FPS


This product made by Anubis-custom was the world’s first Colt SMG style GBB, it’s a product you definitely shouldn’t passes. Decent price, fine adjusted parts, nice mechanical tolerance. If you are a fan of special forces, police SWAT forces, or a tactical shooter game player, this airsoft gun definitely should be in your airsoft armory!

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Unknown member
Aug 10, 2022

Will it be compatible with we glock magazine with swapping bb lips? (I mean, they don't without change anything but some one might want a short mag version, y'know?)