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Latest updates on shipping and ordering(FAQ2)

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Hello guys,

Thank you for watching this. Sorry for not updating in March to May. Some of our staff and suppliers were tested positive in the last two months. So, packing and update has slightly delayed. We are sorry about that. But service has resumed as usual. We have recently received some same inquiries on shipping and ordering issue. We will reply in here and update our FAQ.

  1. Shipping Recovery. EMS and Airmail services to Brazil, Peru and Chile has resumed. We have changed our main carrier to UPS. Service is better than Airmail and EMS. If you have concern with their delivery service, please contact us. We can change the carrier to FedEx for most of the locations. But the cost will be much higher. Maybe even higher than the item itself. Shipping by UPS also helps solve the customs problem in the US as they are using different customs system. But please be aware that the shipping option in checkout page does not mean that the package must be shipped by that carrier. We will select the best carrier option to your location according to our experience. For example, pistol type airsoft to our Canadian customer will be shipped in two packages by default, US airsoft package will be upgraded to UPS and part will be shipped by Airmail and EMS.

  2. Please adjust your hop up when you receive and test the airsoft. Most of the hop up will loose during transporting. It is a common problem because hop up is not that tight. Please adjust that first before contacting us unless you don't know how to adjust. We have mentioned that before.

  3. Recommend BB for testing: Upgraded item is compatible with 0.3g-0.5g BBs, don't use 0.2g to test. On the other hand, standard item is better to use 0.2g. We use 5.95mm diameter BB round in testing. Recommend to test it with this version of BB. Also please expect the velocity may lower than expected slightly if you use 5.93mm.

  4. Material shortage led to a restock problem. Some item are hard to restock, especially magazine, like WE MP5. We are sorry to some of our customers that affected by this problem. We think it will not be solved recently. But we will do our best to restock.

  5. Reminder if you want us to cancel the order and refund. PLEASE CONTACT US BY EMAIL AND INBOX SYSTEM(bottom right corner, let's chat) to ensure we can receive your message as soon as possible. Our email reply will be a little bit slow due to a large amount of inquiry recently. But contact our inbox system will be faster for us to update. Please also be aware that we are not able to offer full refund on made to order item as update parts are all customized. Beside, be aware of the coming package and contact your local post office if the package is not delivered in two to four weeks. Some of our customers missed the delivery of their package or the calls from the carrier. Then they ask us for redelivery. We are not able to arrange redelivery.(Ummm we can but when our request arrive at your local post office, it will be too late). Apart from this, return package will be charged with EXTRA SHIPPING and RE-ENTRY CUSTOMS COST. Thus, the handling cost will be extremely high, if the package is returned to us. We are not able to offer full refund in this case.

Thanks for watching.

Best regards


24 June 2022

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