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Monthly update (November + Christmas Shipping Deadline)

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for watching this. Many of our customers have contacted us for the shipping status recently. So, we decide to update the status monthly. New updates or important parts will be highlighted with red color.

1, Airmail service: We are now offering Airmail service. Please be aware that the tracking information will only be updated when it arrives at our post office, arrives at your local post office and delivered. So when it is on the way to you, it will not be updated for a period of time, maybe two to four weeks. Please be patient and keep an eye on the tracking information and the coming package. Nevertheless, Airmail still be affected by COVID-19, please check the shipping status to your country in this article below (*7).

2, UPS shipping (especially for UK and Spain Customer):UPS allows us to use their service in August.( You can select the UPS method as the shipping agent.

EMS +airmail shipping to the UK and Spain: We will recommend our customers from the UK and Spain to select UPS as the carrier. While the situation remains unchanged, here is the last update on this matter.

We want to ship to the UK too. It is not us to decide when will the EMS resume. Maybe Royal Mail can answer your question. (Btw, Taiwan still can receive the package from the UK, that means it is the RM's decision to refuse our package) Thus, all packages from Taiwan has been refused, that means even if you select two package service, we are still not able to ship you.


3. We will have Black Friday and Christmas deals. But please be aware that we still need 2-4 weeks handling time for the order depends on the item handling time. The upgraded item may be longer. According to our experience, Black Friday order will not be able to arrive on Christmas but arround New Year's Day.

4. Christmas Shipping Deadline: According to our post announcement, Christmas Shipping Deadline will be on 3rd December. Additionally, we also need time to handle standard or upgraded orders (2-4 weeks or more depends on the item). That means, if you want to use Airmail or EMS as the carrier, you need to order in the coming few days. Please consider the timing to order. We are not able to cancel and offer full refund any shipped orders, unless you are willing to pay for the high returning cost. For example, we are not offering full refunds on "why the package doesn't arrive on of before Christmas? It is a Christmas gift for my son".


5. We have received some inquiry of our stock, and some customers think that we lie about the stock status. Please be aware all Airsoft items have a high defective rate (email us if you want to know more). That is why we need two to three weeks or even more to test and order replacement sometime. Due to the economic slump, Airsoft manufacturers are reducing their productivity as they mostly order from local factories which are also reducing productivity due to the increasing cost. Make it harder to order the new replacement part and decline in quality(their priority is complete gun). This makes a negative feedback loop for our handling time. But we are working on it to keep the handling time not to extend any more.

If you purchase our upgraded item, we may need more time to handle as it is made to order item. Furthermore, once upgraded item has started to build, we are not able to offer a full refund.


6, All Airsoft guns are not able to import to Denmark.

7, COVID Update: As we mentioned above, we are not the one to decide when will the EMS and airmail resume. We can do nothing to help it.

Only these countries we are able to ship to under this situation:

European countries(EMS): France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Rep., Poland, Norway, Italy,

European countries(airmail only): Spain, Austria, Slovakia, Lithuania, Ukraine

Oceania countries: Australia(not able to import, 2 packages only)

Asian countries: Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand

Americas countries: Canada(Still NO PISTOL!!! And we will put the velocity record on every Canadian orders) and the US(excluded Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam and Territories)

Important: excluded Puerto Rico, Hawaii,

excluded Puerto Rico, Hawaii,

excluded Puerto Rico, Hawaii,

Please select UPS or FedEx if you are from Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

ChungHwa post announcement:


7. If you want to cancel the order, please contact us by email AND inbox, in order to make sure we see the message and able to cancel the order immediately. Sometimes, if we have the new stock arrive, we can let the item ready in one day and it will be shipped immediately before we are able to see the message as there are around 70+ email per one day. In this case, we are not able to offer full refund as we have already shipped the item, even you message us before we indeed ship you.

Or maybe think carefully before you make an order. You can also save some PayPal handling cost.


We have mentioned these before on our website before, just a little reminder. Please be aware these limitations before ordering. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.

Yours faithfully

SWIT airsoft


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