Monthly update on shipping

Updated: Jul 9

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for watching this. Many of our customers have contacted us for the shipping status recently. So, we decide to update the status monthly.

Important: Our FedEx Express service to Europe has been stopped. We have just received reports from FedEx. We are not able to ship Airsoft to Europe by FedEx anymore. As far as we know, the shipped package will not be affected. But we will keep an eye on the package status. In order to protect the rights of our customers, we will stop shipping Airsoft to Europe by FedEx. On the other hand, we can still ship Airsoft to the US by FedEx.

1, Shipping to the UK and Spain: Please be aware that the FedEx and EMS shipping have not resumed yet. Every ready order will be provided a tracking code which will not be activated until the shipping service resume and the order is shipped. It is our system that we cannot change otherwise if will affect our SOP and website system. According to our experience (last UK lock down), the shipping service will soon resume after the end of the lockdown. If you want us to refund, please let us know, we will refund you as soon as possible.

We want to ship to the UK too. It is not us to decide when will the EMS resume. Maybe Royal Mail can answer your question. (Btw, Taiwan still can receive the package from the UK, that means it is the RM's decision to refuse our package) Thus, all packages from Taiwan has been refused, that means even if you select two packages service, we are still not able to ship you.

Further information: https://www.switairsoft.com/post/ems-shipping-to-the-united-kindom-has-been-halted

ChungHwa post announcement: https://www.post.gov.tw/post/internet/U_english2/index.jsp?ID=35020101&control_type=page&news_no=46058&news_cat=201