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Now SWIT Provide Separate Shipment

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

For adding 50%-100% extra EMS shipping fee. Now SWIT-Airsoft can ship the Airsoft gun in two packages, and announced it as metal parts. We already have plenty experience with shipping to Airsoft Gun restrict region include USA, Canada, Korea and Japan.

But here's two things need to aware. First, customer should able to assemble the airsoft gun, and we can provide the video on how to assemble. Second, although it should be able to pass most custom, there still has a slight chance custom office holding the package. We still able to refund product's price if the package returns to us, the item is still functional and according to our refund policy.

Larger package and order will require more shipping cost, like the order with rifle and the order with multiple items.

Separate shipment may require a slightly longer handling time for one to two days. The second package will be shipped a week after the first package is sent, exclude you want us to have a different arrangement. This is a personal service. You can contact us before purchasing or add to note during purchasing, we will contact you after that. For more info, please contact us:

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