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What is Hop-up Airsoft? Is It a Necessity & How Does it Work?

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

What is a Hop-up in Airsoft Guns?

The Insides of a Hop-up

Airsoft guns are used in combat simulations, where the players use replica guns to shoot BBs at each other. To make the game more realistic, airsoft guns need to have accurate shots. This is where hop-ups come in. A hop-up is a device installed in airsoft guns that creates backspin on the BBs to make them travel farther and straighter.

Do You Need Hop-ups for Airsoft?

If you want your airsoft gun to be accurate, then hop-ups are essential. They affect the trajectory of the BB to make you shoot more accurately at the targets. If you want to step up your game in airsoft, you might want to consider installing hop-ups to your firearms to help you perform better.

How Does a Hop-up Work?

A hop-up makes a BB spin backward as it is shot out of the gun. You've probably seen this in ping pong, where spin makes the ball go up in the air. This is the Magnus effect. When the BB spins, it rises because of this effect.

The key is the backspin, which fights gravity and lifts the BB before shooting out from the barrels. This is all thanks to the Magnus effect, which makes spinning things rise. The hop-up adds more backspin while reducing the air pressure from the upper side, lifting the BB even more. This lift battles gravity, letting the BB go farther and straighter.

There are different types of hop-up systems. The most common are rotary hop-ups, which use a dial to adjust the amount of hop applied to the BB, and fixed hop-ups, which have a pre-set amount of hop. We will explain more in the following paragraphs.

What is Hop-up Bucking?

The hop-up bucking is the rubber piece that sits between the barrel and hop-up chamber. It's responsible for creating friction on the BB, which creates the backspin. There are different materials used to make hop-up buckings, including silicone and rubber.

Silicone hop-up buckings are softer and more flexible, which can increase accuracy. However, they are less durable than rubber hop-up buckings. Rubber hop-up buckings are stiffer and more durable, which makes them better for high-powered guns.

How Do I Adjust Hop-ups?

Adjusting hop-up is essential to get the best performance out of your airsoft gun. The hop-up can be adjusted by turning the dial on the hop-up chamber. This dial increases or decreases the amount of hop applied to the BB.

When adjusting hop-up, it's important to avoid common mistakes. These include adjusting the hop-up too high, which can cause the BB to curve upwards, and adjusting the hop-up too low, which can cause the BB to drop quickly.

Airsoft Hop-up Adjustments

To adjust the hop-up of your airsoft gun, it is essential to follow a systematic approach to achieve optimal accuracy. By following these steps, you can fine-tune your hop-up settings effectively:

1. Begin by loading a magazine with BBs and firing a few shots. This initial round will establish a baseline for accuracy, allowing you to gauge the starting point of your adjustments.

2. Locate the hop-up dial, typically found near the chamber or barrel of the airsoft gun. Adjust the dial to increase the amount of hop applied to the BB.

3. Once you've made the hop-up adjustment, fire a few more shots downrange. This step allows you to assess whether the accuracy has improved or not.

4. If necessary, continue the process by repeating steps 2 and 3. Make incremental adjustments to the hop-up dial, rather than drastic changes, to avoid overcompensating and negatively impacting the BB's trajectory.

By making small adjustments and testing the gun after each modification, you can fine-tune the hop-up to achieve optimal accuracy without risking excessive hop that may lead to inconsistent or unpredictable shots. Remember to approach the adjustment process patiently and attentively to achieve the desired results in your airsoft gameplay.

What Does the Degree of a Hop-up Change?

The degree of hop-up refers to the angle of the hop-up bucking, where a higher degree indicates a steeper angle. A higher degree hop-up bucking, such as 70 or 75 degrees, creates more backspin on the BB. This increased backspin allows the BB to travel farther and maintain a straighter trajectory.

Conversely, a lower-degree hop-up bucking, such as 50 or 60 degrees, imparts less backspin on the BB. This is suitable for lower velocity BBs or when a flatter trajectory is desired.

It is crucial to consider the relationship between the degree of hop-up and the velocity of the BB being used. Higher velocity BBs require a higher degree hop-up bucking to generate sufficient backspin for optimal performance. Matching the degree of hop-up to the BB velocity ensures the right amount of backspin is applied, resulting in improved accuracy and range. By understanding the impact of different hop-up degrees and selecting the appropriate hop-up bucking, airsoft players can customize their airsoft guns to suit their preferred shooting style, field conditions, and BB characteristics. This knowledge empowers players to fine-tune their hop-up systems and achieve exceptional performance on the battlefield.

Different Types of Hop-ups

Airsoft enthusiasts are always on the lookout for ways to improve the performance of their airsoft guns, and hop-ups play a crucial role in achieving greater accuracy and range. Hop-ups are designed to put backspin on the BBs as they are fired, allowing them to counteract the force of gravity and maintain a flatter trajectory for longer distances. There are several different types of hop-ups available, each with its own unique benefits and limitations.

Hop-Up Type





Best for

Flat Hop

Flat Hop Diagram
Flat Hop

Modification of the standard hop-up system where the hop-up nub is flattened

Improved accuracy and range, consistent backspin on BBs, easier to adjust than R-hop

Requires modification of the hop-up chamber, may require specialized nubs

High FPS airsoft guns, long-range sniping


R-hop image

Modification of the hop-up system where a custom patch is installed on the inner barrel

Maximum accuracy and range, consistent backspin on BBs

Difficult to install, expensive, requires precision tuning

High FPS airsoft guns, long-range sniping

Standard Hop-up

Standard Hop-up image
Standard Hop-up

Default hop-up system that comes with most airsoft guns

Easy to use and adjust, low cost

Limited range and accuracy compared to other hop-up types

Low to mid-range FPS airsoft guns, beginners

It's important to note that the best hop-up type for a particular airsoft gun depends on various factors such as FPS, barrel length, and intended use. Experimentation and tuning may be necessary to find the optimal hop-up setup for your airsoft gun.

When choosing a hop-up for your airsoft gun, it is important to consider the type of gun you have, the type of BBs you will be using, and the style of play you prefer. Here are some of the most popular types of hop-ups available:

Flat Hops

Flat hops, also known as flat nubs, are a modification to the traditional hop-up design that replaces the traditional concave hop-up nub with a flat nub. This design change allows for better contact between the nub and the hop-up bucking, resulting in more consistent and stable backspin on the BB.

The benefits of using flat hops in airsoft guns include increased accuracy, greater range, and improved consistency. Since the hop-up bucking is better able to grip the BB, it is less likely to slip during firing, which can lead to inconsistency and reduced accuracy. Flat hops are particularly effective when used with heavy BBs, as they can provide greater backspin and more stable flight over long distances.

However, flat hops can be more difficult to install than traditional hop-up designs, requiring more precision and skill to get the optimal performance. Additionally, they may not be as effective with lighter BBs, which may not provide enough pressure to compress the hop-up bucking against the nub.


R-hops, short for "rifle-hop," are a type of hop-up design that uses a specially designed patch on the hop-up bucking to provide more consistent backspin on the BB. The patch is usually made of a harder material, such as silicone or PTFE, and is shaped to match the profile of the BB. This creates a more even and stable contact between the BB and the hop-up bucking, resulting in better accuracy and range.

The benefits of using R-hops in airsoft guns include increased accuracy, greater range, and improved consistency. R-hops are particularly effective when used with heavy BBs, as they can provide greater backspin and more stable flight over long distances. They are also less sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, which can affect the performance of other hop-up designs.

However, R-hops can be more difficult to install than traditional hop-up designs, requiring more precision and skill to get the optimal performance. They may also be more expensive than other hop-up options, due to the additional materials and customization required.

Standard Hop-ups

The standard hop-up is the most common type of hop-up system found in airsoft guns. It works by applying backspin to the BB, allowing it to travel farther and maintain a straighter trajectory. The hop-up system typically consists of a rubber bucking, a nub, and a hop-up chamber. The bucking is responsible for creating the backspin, while the nub applies pressure to the bucking to adjust the amount of hop. The hop-up chamber holds the bucking and nub in place and allows the user to adjust the amount of hop by turning a dial.

The benefits of using a standard hop-up system are that it is easy to install and adjust, and it works well for most airsoft guns. However, it does have some limitations. It may not provide enough hop for heavy BBs or high-powered guns, and it may not be as consistent as other hop-up systems.

The Airsoft Upgrade You’re Looking for

In conclusion, hop-up is an essential part of any airsoft gun. It is responsible for improving accuracy and range, and it can make a big difference in gameplay. There are different types of hop-up systems available, each with their own pros and cons. It is important to choose the right hop-up for your specific airsoft gun and play style.

Adjusting the hop-up is also important, and there are common mistakes to avoid when doing so. It is recommended to experiment with different degrees of hop and types of hop-up systems to find the best fit for your airsoft gun and playing style.

We hope this article has equipped you with valuable insights into hop-up systems in airsoft guns. If you're eager to delve deeper into the world of hop-up or enhance your airsoft gun with top-quality hop-up parts, it's time to unlock a new level of performance. Visit the SWIT Airsoft website now, where you'll discover an extensive range of precision-engineered hop-up parts and a treasure trove of high-performance airsoft gear. Elevate your gameplay and dominate the field with SWIT Airsoft - your ultimate destination for hop-up upgrades.

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