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18 Best Airsoft Guns for 2023 | The Comprehensive Guide

Updated: 6 days ago

Finding the Best Airsoft Guns for You.  It can be hard to find the best airsoft guns for your needs. This article introduces the types of airsoft guns, their features, and where to buy them.
Finding the Best Airsoft Guns for You

How to pick the best airsoft guns for you

What are airsoft guns?

Airsoft guns are realistic-looking replica firearms that fire small plastic pellets. They are designed to simulate real weapons and come in many varieties, much like real firearms. When used with proper protective gear, airsoft guns have a low risk of causing injury and can be safely used for police or military scenarios by hobbyists or trainees.

The many types of airsoft guns can be divided into categories based on their firing mechanism, design and construction, and power source. Here are a few common airsoft gun classifications and what they mean.

  • Full-auto airsoft guns are a type of automatic airsoft gun that allows for continuous fire from a magazine with a single trigger pull.

  • Semi-automatic airsoft guns are a type of automatic airsoft gun that requires the user to pull the trigger for each shot, and the system cocks ready to fire the following shot automatically.

  • Realistic airsoft guns are built to closely mimic a real military firearm model and can include features such as simulated recoil and muzzle smoke.

  • Competition airsoft guns have been built to meet the requirements of official airsoft competitions.

  • Metal airsoft guns have metal components that increase the durability and realism of the gun – transforming the airsoft gun from a toy into a replica.

We will explain more about the different types of airsoft guns below.

Types of airsoft guns

Types of Airsoft Guns
Types of Airsoft Guns

The number and variety of airsoft guns – much like the number and variety of real firearms – can be overwhelming. Below we will introduce the major airsoft gun categories, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

Airsoft guns - pistols

Airsoft pistols are small airsoft guns made to mimic real pistols. They are smaller than rifles or shotguns and can be fired with one hand. Airsoft pistols are primarily used for close-range combat and tend to be less accurate over long distances than comparable rifle-style airsoft guns.

Airsoft pistols are generally available in manual and semi-automatic and can be powered by spring, electric, or gas. These include replicas of many iconic pistols.

Glock airsoft guns

Glock airsoft pistols are the most popular models and are made by Umarex under a license from GLOCK, the maker of real-life Glock pistols. These Glock airsoft guns are extremely realistic and come in several variations, all powered by gas. These models include

  • Glock 19 Gen 3 / Gen 4

  • Glock 17 Gen 3 / Gen 4 / Gen 5

  • Glock 18c

  • Glock 19X

  • Glock 34

  • Glock 42

  • Glock 45

Airsoft guns - rifles

Airsoft rifles are longer-barreled airsoft guns designed to be used with both hands. Compared with airsoft pistols, they generally offer a longer range and greater accuracy. Airsoft rifles are split into two main categories: assault rifles and sniper rifles. We’ll take a look at the features of each type below.

Assault rifles

Airsoft assault rifles are modeled after real assault rifles, multipurpose weapons that are usually semi-automatic or fully automatic. They offer a good mix of range, accuracy, and fire rate and are an especially good option for first-time airsoft gun buyers.

Assault rifles allow for the greatest versatility in combat simulations, and there are many models to choose from in this category.

Sniper rifles

For those seeking longer range and greater accuracy and who are willing to forgo fully automatic fire, an airsoft sniper rifle is a great option. Sniper rifles are very long-barreled guns designed to shoot accurately at a distance.

Sniper rifles are generally carried by more experienced players and give you a chance to showcase your marksmanship ability. Their manual or semi-automatic operations mean they are not suited for close-in fighting. For smaller airsoft sites, sniper rifles may not be practical.