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Upgrades ARES Kar98k Steel WW2 Airsoft Rifel
  • Upgrades ARES Kar98k Steel WW2 Airsoft Rifle & ZF39 Deluxe Pack

    Deluxe Pack Include:

    • Steel version ARES Kar98k
    • 2*K98 Magazine 
    • Imitation Wooden Case
    • ARES ZF39 Sniper Scope


    • Full Steel Body
    • Real Poly Wood Stock
    • Spring powered Bolt Action System
    • 7.62 Ammo outfit Magazine
    • Stamped Style Serial Number
    • Adjustable Rear Sight
    • Adjustable Hop-up Unit
    • Come with 2 Magazines
    • Easy installed/removed ZF39 Scope



    Length: 1100mm

    Weight: 4100g

    Magazine Capacity: 18rds

    Fire Modes: Single Shot, Safety
    System: Bolt Action
    Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual
    Hopup: Yes, Adjustable 
    FPS Range: 420-430


    Vicotry-Tech Retrofit Kit Upgrades:

    • INOX SS304 6.03mm Inner Barrel
    • NBR Hop up Bucking
    • CNC Aluminum Hop up Chamber


    Extra Magazine:

    18 rds Mag for ARES K98


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