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Top best Airsoft Revolvers: A Beginner's Guide to Power and Precision

Updated: Mar 28

Airsoft Revolvers

Airsoft, particularly the revolver air soft, has become increasingly popular as a thrilling and safe sport that allows players to experience the excitement of simulated combat scenarios. Among the many airsoft gun types available, airsoft revolvers, or airsoft six shooter, are a preferred choice for beginners because of their straightforwardness and convenience. In this article, we will take a look at the best airsoft revolvers for those just starting in the sport. We will also delve into what sets them apart and why they are excellent options for beginners. Whether you are new to airsoft or looking to try a different type of airsoft gun, this article will provide you with valuable insights to make the right choice.

What is an Airsoft Revolver?

Revolver airsoft pistols are a popular choice for those interested in the recreational activity of airsoft. These replicas of real guns use spring, gas, or CO2 mechanisms to shoot airsoft bbs, rather than bullets. Airsoft games are typically played with airsoft guns, including airsoft gun revolvers, for simulated military-style combat scenarios. Players dress up in tactical gear and engage in battles that require strategy and teamwork. Airsoft revolvers, with their straightforward and user-friendly design, are an excellent option for beginners who want to join the sport. This type of airsoft gun revolver provides a realistic experience without the danger associated with real firearms.

How Do Airsoft Revolvers Work?

Airsoft revolvers use one of three mechanisms to launch plastic BBs from the gun's barrel: spring, gas, or air soft CO2. The trigger serves as the release mechanism that activates the propulsion system, which sends the BBs flying forward. Spring-powered revolvers require manual cocking, while gas-powered and CO2-powered revolvers, like the co2 revolver, have automatic mechanisms that do not need to be manually cocked. The type of airsoft revolver mechanism you choose will depend on your personal preference, budget, and the type of airsoft games you plan on playing. Some players prefer spring-powered revolvers because they are simple and reliable, while others prefer gas or CO2-powered revolvers for their realistic action and enhanced shooting power. Ultimately, the choice of mechanism is up to you and what you feel most comfortable with.

What are Different Airsoft Revolver Types?

Airsoft revolvers are available in different types that offer unique benefits. These types include spring-powered, gas-powered, and CO2-powered airsoft revolvers, each with its distinct characteristics. Some popular products include the Wingun 4" Revolver 708S, which is a spring-powered 6 shot revolver with a 4-inch barrel and a six-round capacity. The Colt Python 357 Magnum CO2 Revolver is another popular choice that offers a powerful CO2-powered mechanism and a realistic look and feel. Gas-powered revolvers such as the Dan Wesson Valor 1911 and the Tokyo Marui Python 357 Custom offer excellent shooting power and realistic blowback action. Choosing the right airsoft revolver for your playing style, budget, and personal preference is essential, so it's important to consider each type's pros and cons before making a purchase.

Spring-powered Airsoft Revolvers

Spring-powered airsoft revolvers are a popular choice for beginners due to their simplicity and affordability. They operate on a spring mechanism that needs to be manually cocked before each shot. While they may have a limited range compared to gas or CO2-powered revolvers, they make up for it in reliability and ease of use. Spring-powered revolvers are also more consistent in cold weather since they don't rely on gas or CO2 to operate. Overall, if you're looking for a straightforward and affordable option for casual airsoft play, a spring-powered revolver may be the perfect fit for you.

Gas-powered Airsoft Revolvers

Gas powered airsoft Extra-Long Barrel revolver
Extra-Long Barrel revolver

Gas-powered airsoft revolvers, such as the popular ASG and Valken models, are a popular choice among players because they offer excellent shooting power and realistic blowback action. Unlike spring-powered revolvers, gas-powered revolvers use compressed gas, usually propane or green gas, to propel the BB. This results in a higher velocity and more realistic recoil. Gas-powered revolvers also allow for a higher capacity of rounds and faster firing rates. One popular example of a gas-powered airsoft revolver is the airsoft magnums.King Arms SAA .45 Airsoft Gas Revolver Extra-Long Barrel, which is designed to resemble the iconic Colt Single Action Army revolver.

This airsoft revolver has a long barrel that provides improved accuracy and a realistic look and feel. One advantage of gas-powered revolvers is their increased power, which can result in longer range and more accuracy. Additionally, gas-powered revolvers often have a blowback feature that simulates the recoil of a real firearm. However, they can also be more expensive and require more maintenance than other types of airsoft revolvers. If you're looking for a high-quality gas-powered airsoft revolver, the King Arms SAA .45 Airsoft Gas Revolver Extra-Long Barrel is an excellent option to consider.

CO2-powered Airsoft Revolvers

SWIT airsoft's CO2 powered Umarex COLT SAA.45 Cowboy CO2 Airsoft Revolver Shaddy
CO2-powered Airsoft Revolvers

Airsoft revolver CO2 full metal, like the 44 Magnum airsoft, have gained popularity due to their high power and realistic feel. They are often designed with full metal construction, giving them a solid and durable feel.Umarex COLT SAA.45 Cowboy CO2 Airsoft Revolver Shaddy is a prime example of this design, with its full metal body and wooden grips. It has a 6-round capacity and is designed for single-action shooting.

On the other hand, the Umarex COLT SAA.45 CO2 Airsoft Revolver Silver is a sleek and modern version of the classic SAA.45 design. It has a full metal construction and a smooth silver finish, making it a standout on the field. One potential downside of airsoft CO2 full metal revolvers is that they can be more expensive to maintain, as CO2 canisters can be costly. Nonetheless, these revolvers are great for players who want a powerful and realistic airsoft experience.

Full Metal Airsoft Revolver Vs. Plastic Airsoft Revolver

When it comes to the build of airsoft revolvers, there are two main choices: full metal and plastic. Full metal airsoft revolvers, like the popular western airsoft revolvers and Webley MK VI, are typically made of high-quality materials and have a weight that feels more realistic, making them ideal for airsoft enthusiasts who are looking for an authentic shooting experience. These revolvers are often more expensive than plastic ones and require more maintenance. They are also heavier, which can make them more challenging to carry and use for long periods.On the other hand, plastic airsoft revolvers are usually made of cheaper materials, making them more affordable. These revolvers are lighter in weight and less expensive than full metal ones.

However, they may not feel as realistic when firing or holding them, which may be a drawback for those looking for an authentic shooting experience.WG Major 3 1877 CO2 Revolver that provides an authentic shooting experience. This revolver is built to withstand wear and tear, with a durable construction that ensures it can last for many airsoft games. It uses CO2 gas to power its shots, providing consistent and reliable performance. It also has a realistic blowback feature, which adds to the overall experience of using it.

Airsoft Revolver Price Range – How Much Do They Cost?

Airsoft revolver prices vary depending on their types and features, and they can cost anywhere from $20 to $200 or more. The price range mainly depends on the quality of the materials, the brand, and the firing mechanism. For example, full metal airsoft revolvers tend to be more expensive than plastic ones due to their realistic weight and feel. Gas-powered and CO2-powered airsoft revolvers may also be pricier than spring-powered ones, as they offer more power and a realer shooting experience.

However, beginners can find good options for around $50 to $100, which are typically spring-powered revolvers. As one gains more experience, they can invest in more expensive models that cater to their specific needs, such as a gas-powered revolver with blowback feature for a more realistic experience. Don't forget to consider airsoft accessories like a holster when budgeting for your airsoft revolver. Ultimately, it's important to consider one's budget and playing style when selecting an airsoft revolver.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Poster of white color with 2 suggested airsoft revolvers. 1st is Kings SSA .45 Gas revolver Extra long Barrel, and 2nd is WG Major # 1877 CO2 Revolver
Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The King Arms SAA .45 Airsoft Gas Revolver Extra-Long Barrel is a great choice for those who want a gas-powered revolver with a realistic action. It has a full metal construction, which adds to its weight and realism, and comes with an extra-long barrel for improved accuracy. Another option is the WG Major 3 1877 CO2 Revolver, which is a full metal airsoft revolver with a realistic weight and feel. It also has a CO2-powered blowback system that adds to the realism of shooting.

For those on a tighter budget, the ASG Dan Wesson 715 6" CO2 Airsoft Revolver is a plastic airsoft revolver that is still high quality and offers good performance. It also comes with adjustable rear sights and a tactical rail for adding accessories.All of the full metal airsoft revolvers for beginners can be found on SWIT Airsoft's website at affordable prices. So if you're new to airsoft and looking for a reliable and fun revolver, head over to SWIT Airsoft’s revolver collection and check out the selection today!