Umarex COLT SAA.45 Cowboy CO2 Revolver (6MM)
  • Umarex COLT SAA.45 Cowboy CO2 Revolver (6MM)

    SKU: AP-Umarex-005
    • A classic Gun replica from Umarex (GH)
    • Superb replica of the Colt Peacemaker
    • Powerful performance With CO2 Gas
    • 6mm BB revolver

    Metal Frame, Cylinder & Barrel (Blue Steel)
    Metal Hammer, Trigger Guard, Trigger (Blue Steel)
    Engraved Marking on Barrel & body
    Wood Color Plastic Grip - CO2 Compartment in the Grip (CO2 Cartridge not include)
    Gas Injected Revolver
    Authentic loading with metal cartridges
    Realistic Bullet Type housing chamber stores up to 6 rounds


    WG SAA Revolver 6 Shells (Umarex/King Arms SAA)




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