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King Arms SAA .45 Airsoft Gas Revolver Short Barrel
  • King Arms SAA .45 Airsoft Gas Revolver Extra-Long Barrel

    The SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver is full metal construction handgun by King Arms. 

    1.Main assembly:
     - Whole revolver is constructed by metal, it gives a very concrete and rigid feels. Allows shooter do fast action confidently.
     - 11 inch barrel length available in both chromate conversion coating and electric darkening treatment surface finishing.
     - Accept pressurized green gas as the power source.
     - Details of parts and components makes revolver's outlook much more realistic. Reappear the historic & antique classic. 

    2.Outer & Inner Barrel:
     - Straight metal outer barrel available in size of 4 inch, 6 inch and 11 inch model at user preference. 
     - Rifled-alike barrel make the revolver more realistic.
     - Smooth and precise brass internal barrel in 6.05mm inner diameter. Makes the shooting trajectory more accuracy.

     - Ergonomic polymer grip lets the operator grasp tight and control over the revolver.

     - The metal cylinder bullet inlet can be opened easily in order to reload bullets quickly.
     - Push the bullets ejector thumbpiece to remove bullets one by one. 
     - The cylinder can accept up to 6 bullet shells.
     - Metal latch precisely stop the cylinder in the correct position.

     - Metal hammer give an assured strike on the gas outlet valve.
     - Operate in single-action.

     - The metal fixed front sight helps shooter to acquire the target. 

    7.Bullets and Loader:
     - Heavy brass shells with high compression rubber bb retainers.
     - Package come with 6 BB bullets shells.

    Specification : 

    • Power Source : 134A Gas , Green Gas , 8kg Gas , 12kg Gas
    • Overall Length    435 mm
    • Inner Barrel Length    293 mm
    • Inner Barrel Diameter    6.05mm
    • Overall Height    133 mm
    • Weight without Magazine    999 g
    • Main Material    Zinc Alloy, ABS
    • Major Color    Electroplating Black
    • Capacity    6 Rds
    • Caliber    6.05mm
    • Marking    King Arms
    • Blowback Action    -NA-
    • Accessories come with package    6 bullet shells
    • Muzzle Velocity (Canada version)    Over 366 FPS
    • Muzzle Velocity (Italy / Japan version)    Lower than 0.98J
    • Muzzle Velocity (Standard version)    385FPS (MAX.)

    ( Test by 12kg Gas / Green Gas / Top Gas with 0.2g BBs )


    WG SAA Revolver 6 Shells (Fit King Arms SAA)


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