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APFG MCX VIRTUS Style GBB Airsoft Rifle

APFG MCX VIRTUS Style GBB Airsoft Rifle



  • 1:1 Realistic MCX VIRTUSStyle with all details
  • Hard kick VFC V3 AR GBB System
  • Foldable CNC Butt-stock 
  • Front Adjust Hop-UP system
  • Come with QD Suppressor



About MCX Rifle

     MCX rifle is a modular, multi-caliber rifle platform manufactured by Sig Sauer. It is designed to allow for quick and easy caliber changes, with the ability to switch between different barrel lengths and configurations. The MCX also features a gas piston operating system, which provides for reliable and consistent operation, even in adverse conditions. It is commonly used by law enforcement and military personnel, as well as civilian shooters who demand a versatile and high-performing rifle.



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30rd V3 Magazine for Umarex/VFC M4/HK416 GBB

Preorder Product, ETA October 2023

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