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Maruyama SCW9
  • Maruyama SCW9 Pro APC-9K GBB Airsoft SMG


    • Maruyama SCW9 is airsoft replica to APC-9K
    • Comes with a 45-round realistic straight magazine.
    • Three-stage retractable stock.
    • Ambidextrous magazine release, ambidextrous charging handle, ambidextrous magazine release.
    • Realistic modular design, allows for interchangeable lower receivers (straight magazine version/Glock version).
    • Precision engineered in Japan, meticulously manufactured in Taiwan.


    About APC-9K

    APC-9K is one of the models within this line of submachine guns, which carry the name APC (Advanced Police Carbine) and have been designed and produced by Brügger & Thomet (B&T) from Switzerland. The APC-9K model is designed to be the most compact and handy, issued for use within close-quarter combat and tactical operation applications. Caliber-wise, it fires the 9x19mm cartridge, much in line with most other modern submachine guns. The special features of the APC-9K are light construction, ambidextrous controls, and a non-reciprocating charging handle. It is a weapon known for service with a variety of military and law enforcement agencies due to its outstanding performance and reliability in the tactical application.


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