Upgraded WE M14 Airsoft Rifle (2020 Silo Spec )

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- RA WE M14 steel Tappet(NO.9)

- T-N.T. S+ 510mm barrel

- T-N.T. T hop up bucking

- RA WE M14 real gun function bolt catch

- RA WE M14 part NO.53(steel)

- RA-WE M14 trigger set

- RA-WE M14 part NO.49 43

- RA-WE M14 bolt stop (part NO.3)

- RA-M14 Summer Spring(present)

- RA-M14 integrated cnc steel trigger box

- RA- Integrated wood stock ( SEN )

- RA CNC steel WE M14 Part NO.1 marking version

- RA CNC steel WE M14 NO.101

- New-Age steel firing pin for We M14GBB

- New-Age steel Valve Locker for We M14 GBB

- FPS: 450-


Get more Magazine for this gun: WE M14 GBBr 20rd Magazine


*custome made product will take 1-2 weeks to prepare, and can't refund and return 

Upgraded WE M14 Airsoft Rifle (2020 Silo Spec )

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Scope Mount
  • 2-3 Weeks

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