Upgraded Snow wolf Kar98k Springer Airsoft Rifle | SWIT AIRSOFT

Snow Wolf Kar98k is the same as S&T Kar98k. 


Scope and Wooden stock are optional products.


1. T-N.T. S+ Barrel 485mm

2. T-N.T. K98 TR hop-up bucking.

3. Whole cut CNC aluminum hop up chamber

4. CNC Steel Nozzle ( thicker for better air seal, O ring for shock-absorbing

5. CNC Aluminum Piston

6. CNC Steel Spring Guide

7. Adjusted CNC Steel Sear Set

8. Sandblasting Blacken Bolt.

9. Silicon Injected Into Imitation wood Stock. Or buyers can choose to purchase real steel grade laminated Birch wood stock in the drop down menus. 

10. Recommended BB weight 0.4+Gram, Optimal 0.45-0.49 Gram.


FPS:450, You will need to buy the spring if you want 500 FPS version.

500- FPS Spring

Extra magazine:

24 Rounds Magazine for Snow Wolf Kar98K



Review Video by NEO035

Review Video by Airsoft Mike

Review by Kicking Mustang

Game Play Video by KickMustang


Upgraded Snow wolf Kar98k Springer Airsoft Rifle

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