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SWIT-Custom Kar98k WW2 Springer Airsoft Rifle 2024ver
  • SWIT-Custom Kar98k WW2 Springer Airsoft Rifle 2024ver

    Now New 2024 Stock in stock. It is more similar looks from Original ones.

    Customized & Upgraded products will take additional 2 weeks to proceed.


    1. Based on SW-022.
    2. VT INOX SS304 Inner Barrel  
    3. VT NBR Hop-up Bucking
    4. VT Whole cut CNC aluminum hop up chamber
    5. VT CNC Steel Nozzle ( thicker for better air seal, O ring for shock-absorbing
    6. VT CNC Aluminum Piston
    7. VT CNC Steel Spring Guide
    8. VTAdjusted CNC Steel Sear Set
    9. Sandblasting Blacken Bolt.
    10. SWIT K98 Real Wood Stock 
    11. Recommended BB weight 0.4+Gram, Optimal 0.45-0.49 Gram.


    FPS:320/420 with 0.2 BB

    Extra magazine:

    24 Rounds Magazine for Snow Wolf Kar98K



    Review Video by NEO035

    Review Video by Airsoft Mike

    Review by Kicking Mustang

    Game Play Video by KickMustang



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