Two Tone service

Two Tone service

Paint Two Tone service. We will use BLUE paint to paint on the gun to fit the UK regulation.

This is for the customers who have no UKARA number.

This is also for our Portugal customer. We will use Yellow paint for Portugal order.


-Customs made service, NO Refund and Return on the related order after adding to this service.

-Even add two tone, your customs may still have the final decision to seize or refuse the package.  

-If you want us to paint in different way and provide photos before shipping, please add your request in "add to note" section during purchase.

-It may extend the handling time for one to two weeks.

-Although it is for our UK and Portugal customer, if you are not UK customer, still want to add to this service, we are also welcome.

-Please notice that your customs still have the power to seize the package.  After we paint the item, we will not able to offer refunds, even you want to cancel the order or your customs still refuse the package.