Upgraded WE M1A1 Thompson GBB LV1
  • Upgraded WE M1A1 Thompson GBB LV1

    SKU: WE-M1A1-UP

    Review Video by Neo035

    • Fully licensed M1A1 Thompson submachine gun by Cybergun
    • Improve Accuracy and increase effective range to 70m with 0.4+ Gram BB
    • Pre installed RA-Tech steel Outer barrel to solve loosen barrel issue of the stock gun.
    • Full metal receiver with realistic imitation wood furniture
    • Stamped Auto Ordnance trademarks and markings
    • Authentic fire controls
    • Correct side mounted charging handle location
    • 50 round stick magazine—Realistic blowback action

    - RA full steel outer barrel upgrade(Solve barrel shaking problem)
    - T-N.T. S+ barrel
    - T-N.T. T Hop



    Get some magazines for this gun
    WE 30rd Magazine for WE-Tech Thompson M1A1
    WE 50rd Magazine for WE-Tech Thompson M1A1


    Repro Sling for Thompson M1A1 SMG

    *custome made product will take 1-2 weeks to prepare, and can't refund and return


    -WE Thompson may have a problem of leaking gas. It is caused by the new stock of magazines. If you used a new version magazine, the bolt may not completely chamber. It will lead to a sudden gas blow out. The old or used magazine does not have this problem as the gas lock is softer. If you only have the new version, you just need to press the gas lock(Parts 98) and fill it, then you can use it again.

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