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  • VFC MK13 EGLM DX ver Airsoft Grenade Launcher


    • DX version standalone grenade launcher module, barrel can be quickly disassembled, and interchangeable with MK16 & MK17 launching modules.
    • Can be mounted on MK17 (SCAR-H) GBB airsoft rifles, MK16 (SCAR-L) AEG electric airsoft rifles.
    • Can be used on M1913 (20mm) tactical lower rails.
    • If trigger module is not used, can be fired by pushing the rear cap of the barrel.
    • Aluminum alloy CNC tactical rail launch base module & stock rod.
    • Reinforced plastic grip lower and handguard.
    • 4-stage adjustable stock with rubber pad.
    • Comes with an adjustable sight mount.
    • Compatible with 40mm gas grenades.
    • Also compatible with commercially available 40mm gas grenades.


    About MK13 EGLM

    The MK13 EGLM (Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module) is a versatile and compact underbarrel grenade launcher designed to attach to assault rifles like the M16 and M4. It offers a quick and efficient way to launch 40mm grenades, expanding the firepower of the host firearm.


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