War Horse - Upgraded WE G18 Airsoft SMG Set
  • War Horse - Upgraded WE G18 Airsoft SMG Set


    - This set Included WE G18 Work Horse, 300rds Drum mag, Submachine gun kit.

    - It's Technically a pistol and should be allowed in pistol game.

    - Also good choice for Speedsoft player

    Work Horse - Upgraded WE G18C for Roni Kits:
    - Robust internal which are much more durable under automatic shooting.
    - Precision upgrades which make it shoots in semi no less than other airsoft assault rifle ( effective range on man-size target up to 50m+ )
    - Good companion with Roni Kit, and AW drum magazine.

    - Maple Leaf hop up chamber
    - Maple Leaf hop up adjusment wheel
    - T-N.T. S+ Barrel
    - T-N.T. T hop up barking.