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Latest news (Nov+Dec 2022)

Updated: Oct 26, 2023


Thank you for watching this. Here are some recent updates/ latest news and reminders on the shipping and item's problem. Before reading this, we recommend you to watch our FAQ before watching this article.

First of all, our Black Friday sale has been over. And there will also be Christmas deals later. So, please stick with our Facebook and Instagram. We will announce it anytime soon. Remember, don't miss it, we will not re-offer discount once the deals are over. 😜😜 Wish our American friends a Merry Christmas. Just like last time, we need time to handle made to order items and our carriers also need time to handle. Do not expect it to arrive by Christmas and maybe New Year's Day.

We recently receive some emails regarding the Red Nozzle(US). Although we have already solved the Chicago customs problem by using UPS as our carrier. Please be aware that we still need to paint the nozzle in red to prevent the further customs investigation. We understand some customers may not like the painting. The current red paint is the conclusion after these years experiences and customer reflections. Some customers had complained the red nozzle is too thick and unable to remove. Too thin would be refused by customs. Current method can let our customers to select removing it, repainting it or just keeping it as it is.

PayPal always holds the payment a few days for the new registered account or new card. And we will only proceed the order after we receive the payment. If your order is being pended, please be patient and we will ship the order as soon as possible.

Furthemore, please be aware of the coming package, including rearranged package. Please stick to the tracking number at least one time per week. Otherwise, some post office, especially French post will not contact you even they fail to deliver and the package will be sent back to us. Rearrange delivery will be extremely slow through our side. The rearrangement will only arrive after the item is sent back. We can basically do nothing to help.

The shipping to the UK has already changed to the UPS. There will be some documents that our UK customers need to sign or declare. Please be aware that all our items are legal and no harm to the environment. The customs will take one to seven working days to handle. Please be patient.

On the other hand, if you have a problem regarding the malfunctioning product. Please send us with clear video (at least 720p) with how you fill the gas and load the BBs and provide us with your order number. If you send us with a 140p video, we are not able to solve the problem. Furthermore, it will take a longer time for us to troubleshoot the malfunctioning parts. Please be patient and help us. We are not trying to trouble you. Sending wrong replacement parts do not help solving the problem.

Our online customs service reply may have some delay on Weekends. Please be patient. But if you want to change anything about the order, please contact us through the inbox and email both to ensure we can change it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time again. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Merry Christmas and best regards


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