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Monthly Update (December)

Hello guys,

Thank you for watching this. Many of our customers have contacted us for the shipping status recently. So, we decide to update the status monthly. New updates or important parts will be highlighted with red color. Unfortunately, the pandemic is still continuing. Thus, the shipping service is still affected. Before reading this notice, we suggest you read our last Monthly update and FAQ first.

1, Airmail service: We have just received reports from our customers and post office. Please be aware that the delivery and customs clearance may postpone around 2-6 weeks time due to the Black Friday and Christmas sale, especially the package to zip code 100-600. Expecting longer customs clearance and delivery time until Jan 2022.

2. Black Friday deals have ended. But please be aware that we still need 2-4 weeks handling time for the order depends on the item handling time. The upgraded item may be longer. According to our experience, Black Friday order will not be able to arrive on Christmas but around New Year's Day.

3. Christmas Shipping Deadline: According to our post announcement, Christmas Shipping Deadline will be on 3rd December. Additionally, we also need time to handle standard or upgraded orders (2-4 weeks or more depends on the item). That means, if you want to use Airmail or EMS as the carrier, you need to order in the coming few days. Please consider the timing to order. We are not able to cancel and offer full refund any shipped orders, unless you are willing to pay for the high returning cost. For example, we are not offering full refunds on "why the package doesn't arrive on of before Christmas? It is a Christmas gift for my son/ boyfriend".

4. COVID Update: As we mentioned above, we are not the one to decide when will the EMS and airmail resume. We can do nothing to help it. Please be aware that Austria may have some delay in delivery due to the lockdown.

Only these countries we are able to ship to under this situation:

European countries(EMS): France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Rep., Poland, Norway, Italy,

European countries(airmail only): Spain, Austria, Slovakia, Lithuania, Ukraine

Oceania countries: Australia(not able to import, 2 packages only)

Asian countries: Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand

Americas countries: Canada(Still NO PISTOL!!! And we will put the velocity record on every Canadian orders) and the US(excluded Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam and Territories)

Important: excluded Puerto Rico, Hawaii,

excluded Puerto Rico, Hawaii,

excluded Puerto Rico, Hawaii,

Please select UPS or FedEx if you are from Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

5. If you want to cancel the order, please contact us by email AND inbox.

We have mentioned these before on our website before, just a little reminder. Please be aware these limitations before ordering. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.

Yours faithfully

SWIT airsoft


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