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Monthly Update (February 2022)

Hello guys, Thank you for watching this. Many of our customers have contacted us for the shipping status recently. So, we decide to update the status monthly. New updates or important parts will be highlighted with red color. Unfortunately, the pandemic is still continuing. Thus, the shipping service is still affected. Before reading this notice, we suggest you read our last two Monthly updates and FAQ first. 1, Airmail service: We have just received reports from our customers and post office. Please be aware that the delivery and customs clearance may postpone around 2-6 weeks time due to the Black Friday and Christmas sale, especially the package to zip code 100-600. Expecting longer customs clearance and delivery time until Feb 2022. We also paint all items which will be sent to the US with red nozzle as we have mentioned before. (FAQ) You can ask us for the testing video before shipping it. 2. Luna New Year Vacation: Next week will be Luna New Year festival in Taiwan, our postal and UPS service will be halted. Thus, no shipping service and only limited customs service from 28 Jan to 8 Feb.

3. We have already changed our major US shipping carrier to UPS due to our customer feedback. Their shipping cost and service is much better than USPS which provide our standard airmail and EMS service. The customs clearance time is shorter and safer than USPS. Almost guarantee the item will past the customs without any problem. But please keep an eye on the coming email, sometime UPS may still need you to sign the certified documents which we cannot sign for you.

4. COVID Update: No further update, same as last month.

5. If you want to cancel the order and change address, please contact us by email AND inbox as soon as possible to make sure we receive the message.

6. As we have mentioned before, we are not able to add the customs duty rates in our catalog, because different countries have their own rates, some higher and some lower. For example, US is lower with only 2%. Our website design does not allow us to add every countries' rates. Please consider that before purchasing. Please be aware these limitations before ordering. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience. Yours faithfully SWIT airsoft 21/1/2022

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