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SRC MP40 airsoft gun in a wooden box
  • SRC MP40 WW2 AEG Deluxe package 2024ver


    • .

      Detail review by Airsoft Mike:

      DeluxePackage includes

      • Real Wood Box x1
      • SRC MP40 x1
      • High Cap Magazine x1
      • Spare Mid Cap Magazine x3
      • MP40 Magazine Pouch X1 set
      • MP40 Sling x1
    • Features

      • Stamped steel receiver
      • Electric blowback simulates the cycling off the bolt
      • Under folding stock makes the MP40 ideal for close quarters; Adjustable rear stock
      • Full auto only fire
      • Functioning mock charging handle
      • Imitation Bakelite furniture keeps the external look authentic
      • Front and rear sling pointDrop free magazine
    • About

      The MP40, also known as the Maschinenpistole 40, is a submachine gun that was developed in Nazi Germany during World War II. It was designed by Heinrich Vollmer and used by the German military, as well as being widely exported and copied by other countries after the war. The MP40 is known for its distinctive appearance and was favored for its compact size and automatic firing capability. It has since become an iconic symbol of the war and is popular in video games, movies, and historical reenactments.


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