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  • Upgraded WE M16A1 V3 GBB Airsoft Rifle (2024 Silo Spec)

    Customized and Upgraded products will need additional 2 weeks to proceed. And once upgrade process started, it won't able to refund.


    WE M16A1 GBB Field Play by Silo
    FPS 400~420

    • RA-TECH CNC hammer
    • RA-TECH CNC sear
    • RA-TECH CNC trigger
    • RA-TECH WE Valve Locker
    • RA-TECH WE firing pin base
    • RA-TECH M4 CNC steel bolt carrier
    • RA-TECH Recoil Buffer

    • VT INOX SS304 6.03mm Inner Barrel

    • VT NBR High Accuracy Hop-up Bucking

    • Internal Parts Adjust and Improve

    • All function checks, to avoid common tolerance issues.
    • BB weight for optimal performance: 0.4 gram


    Laser Engrave Service


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