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G&G MG42 WW2 Airsoft AEG Machine Gun
  • G&G MG42 WW2 Airsoft AEG Machine Gun

    *Made-to-order products, Once order can't cancel.

    Drum magazine using 7.4v 430mAh battery, it can be found in RC toy store.

    About MG42:

    The MG42 is one of the top aisoft guns from German general-purpose machine gun that was developed during World War II. It was designed to be a reliable and highly effective weapon that could be used in a variety of situations. The MG42 has a high rate of fire, with a cyclic rate of around 1,200 rounds per minute, making it one of the fastest firing machine guns of the war. It was also known for its accuracy and range, with an effective firing range of up to 2,000 meters. The MG42 was widely used by the German military and its allies during the war and is still used by some countries today.



    G&G MG42 (GMG-42) World War II AEG Feature:

    • 1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled Electric Powered Airsoft AEG
    • FULLY Automatic Shooting Mode
    • AL6061/Steel/Zinc/Plastic/Nylon/Fiber / Wood Construction
    • Super heavy Built with Weight About 11 KILOGRAM
    • High level construction & finishing by G&G Armament (TaiWan)
    • Steel Receiver
    • Steel 580mm Handguard
    • Steel Detachable Folding Bipod (Leg Height: 345mm)
    • Steel 105mm Flash Suppressor
    • Steel Flip-up Front Sight
    • Steel Range Rear Sight
    • Steel Charging Handle
    • Metal 580mm Outer Barrel
    • Real Wood 180mm Stock
    • Real Wood Grip Cover
    • Quick Swapping/ Detach Outer Barrel System (Like the Real Thing)
    • 1700 Rounds Gurttrommel Magazine (Powered by 7.4V 430mAh Lipo Battery- Size: 45mm x 22mm x 14mm)
    • Include Metal Dummy Ammo Belt (With 50 Rounds Dummy Cartridge)
    • 10mm Oilless Bearing Metal Gearbox


    This is made-to-order item, may take one to four weeks to prepare.



    *Made to order item. Be aware the handling time will be longer as we've mentioned in FAQ.


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