Upgarded WG Mosin Nagant M44 CO2 Bolt Action Rifle
  • Upgarded WG Mosin Nagant M44 CO2 Bolt Action Rifle


    • No adjustable Hop Up. Fixed Hop Up
    • Style: Mosin Nagant
    • Operation: CO2
    • Velocity: 440-460 FPS
    • Ammunition Size: 6mm
    • Ammunition Weight: .30g +
    • Build Material: Metal / Faux Wood
    • Fold Out Bayonet
    • Bolt Action
    • Adjustable Rear Sight
    • Installed the our upgraded barrel, let the gun shoot more accurate



    • 12 Round Capacity
    • CO2 Stored In Magazine
    • Realistic Trigger Pull
    • 12 Gram CO2 Cartridge
    • Sling Points Front And Rear Recommended BB weight: 0.4 gram



    【BANSHEE Hop-Up System Retrofit kit】:

    • Trench-Airsoft WG Mosin Nagant HOP-UP CNC Aluminum Chamber *1
    • Trench-Airsoft HOP bucking for WG Mosin Nagant *1
    • Trench-Airsoft 6.02mm Precision Steel inner barrel *1
    • Hop- nub *1


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    WG Mosin M44 CO2 Magazine


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    Trench-Airsoft BANSHEE Hop-Up System Retrofit kit for WG Mosin Nagant M44


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