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Customized VFC XM177E2 GBB with G&P
  • SWIT Customized VFC XM177E2 GBB with G&P M203 Airsoft


    • Fully Licensed by Colt
    • Faithful Replication
    • Retro Styling
    • Reliable Operation
    • Robust Construction
    • Classic 2 Position Buffer Tube with Aluminum Stock
    • Favored Carbine of United States Special Forces During the Vietnam War Era
    • Come with 20rds Grey GBB Magazine
    • Able to take Standard VFC M4/AR15 Gas Magazines
    • G&P Full Engraved M203 Airsoft Grenade Launcher
    • G&P M203 Short Handguard
    • Fully Upgrade with Victory Tech INOX SS304 Inner Barrel



    About XM177E2 Rifle

         The XM177E2 is a variant of the M16 assault rifle used by the US military during the Vietnam War. It was designed as a compact, lightweight weapon for use by special forces and other personnel who needed a shorter weapon for close-quarters combat. The XM177E2 had a shorter barrel and a telescoping stock, making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces. It was also equipped with a flash suppressor to reduce the weapon's visible signature when fired. Despite its advantages, the XM177E2 was not widely adopted and was eventually replaced by other weapons such as the M4 carbine.



    Victory Tech Upgrades:

    - VT INOX SS304 6.03mm Inner Barrel for GBB

    - VT NBR High Accuracy Hop-up Bucking

    - Internal Parts Adjust

    - All function checks, to avoid common tolerance issues.

    - BB weight for optimal performance: 0.4 gram 

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